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In line with this year's International Women’s Day theme, #breakthebias, we have invited some of our inspiring team leaders to share their stories surrounding women’s empowerment and gender biases. Be enlightened by their invaluable advice and achievements that lie right at the heart of Forcast.


What does this year’s IWD theme #BreakTheBias mean to you?

To me, #BreakTheBias is about women breaking beyond those traditional stereotypes to reach our potential. When we support each other, and apply ourselves, women can be unstoppable.


What inspired you to work in fashion?

Now, after working in the industry for over 30 years, I still love what I do. I adore the nature of fashion industry – how its dynamic, interesting, challenging and creative all at once.


– Creative Director


Why do you think there is a need to celebrate International Women’s Day?

We need to celebrate IWD so we can shine a spotlight on all women around the world who deserve it, not just women in business or leadership roles but all women who contribute to our lives and communities (mother, sister etc.).


Do you have any tips or advice for other young women?

My tip for all young women is pursue in a career that you strongly have a passion for. If you have passion, it will drive you to achieve greatness.


– Area Manager


How do you think we as a society can start to #BreakTheBias?

Breaking the bias, for me personally, begins in the home- in homes everywhere. It’s about the small little biases that are ingrained in our family lives, that I hope evolves with our children.


What do you like to wear to feel more empowered?

I think feeling comfortable or like you’re expressing your truest ‘self’ in a moment is empowering. Having the freedom to wear what I like and when, is empowering and makes me feel more confident.


– Merchandise Planner


As a female leader, why is International Women’s Day important to you?

IWD has become more important to me in my leadership role working with young female team members, who will be the next industry leaders, so that we as a community can be a small part in the bigger movement in paving the way for others.


What brings you confidence when you need it most?

The amazing women I can always count on to be the ultimate cheer team in times of doubt and their boldness to correct, teach and tell me I’m wrong when I am.


– Digital Operations Manager


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