March 8 marks International Women's Day.


To celebrate, we sat down with the inspirational people in our lives as they share their experiences on gender equality at work and their thoughts on how we can drive towards a gender equal future in the workplace. And of course, they've shared their personal tips on style and confidence.



Head of Wealth Management at Kennedy Partners Wealth 

Do you have some tips or advice for other women who are interested in pursuing your field?

Don’t let the men scare you - they know as much or as little as you do, it’s just that they are better at bluffing (bs). Statistically women are better at protecting portfolios and achieving strong returns - it’s just that there are not enough out there. There are a lot of women who are scared of male advisors and their investments do not get the attention they deserve.

How do you navigate gender discrimination / challenges in your field?

I don’t. It’s there to intimidate you so don’t let it … if you feel you must respond then be witty not personal and stand your ground with dignity. It’s not what is said or done to you - it is how you react.

What is an autumn staple piece that you wear to give you confidence this season ?

I believe suits are making a comeback so likely a vintage Chanel tweed jacket on top of a Forcast dress! 


Founder of @teachusconsent


What inspired you to take on your current occupation?

I was inspired by my passion for gender equality and what seemed like a clear solution forward in terms of preventing violence against girls and women.

Women are largely underrepresented in your industry. Why do you think this is and what do you think can be done to improve the ratio?

Actually, women are overrepresented in my industry! This is a shame as, if more men were passionate about promoting gender equality and demolishing rape culture, we would progress much faster. In order to get more men passionate about gender equality, I believe we need to embed empathy in the way that we grow up our boys.

What is something you do to get a confidence boost?

If I’m really nervous before a call, I’ll stand in the mirror with my hands up high in the air like a big Y. I watched a Ted Talk that doing this made you more confident. It may be placebo but works for me!


Corporate Lawyer

Do you have some tips or advice for other women who are interested in pursuing your field?

The legal field may sound intimidating, but it's just problem solving with words. It touches every part of our lives and so there's definitely an intersection with an area that you're interested in. My advice is to have a go, a legal education will set you up to try any field, but its also not essential. Volunteering at a Community Legal Centre (CLC), listening to podcasts or chatting to someone in the industry is a great way to suss out the vibe. There are lots of women entering the profession and rising through the ranks, so you will not be short of role models or mentors.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

Opportunity and progress, that’s what comes to mind when I think about innovation and cracking the code on gender. Gender Parity conversations have steadily gained momentum and now present us with a unique to opportunity to lay the road for the future. Recognising the current social, economic and cultural codes will allow men and women to deconstruct the systems which threaten women's safety, autonomy and leadership opportunities.

What does your typical work outfit look like?

The legal field has a range of outfits from casual wear to formal judicial robes. My workplace has a business attire dress code which means I am usually wearing a grey or navy suit (ground-breaking) and mixing it up with patterned shirts or ties. Workplace fashion is will depend on your team and I'm a big fan of casual Fridays.



What is the favourite part of your job?

I’m currently working in the Emergency Department of my hospital, and I love the diversity of my day-to-day with all the different patients I see. [From low to high-modality cases], being able to help people with their medical issues and make a tangible impact on their well-being is incredibly rewarding. I also love the sense of teamwork and comradery with my fellow healthcare colleagues, as we all pull together with the shared purpose of delivering the best care to our patients.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

To me, celebrating  IWD demonstrates the idea that achieving gender equality requires more than just equal opportunities for women. Truly embracing equity means that we all need to identify and acknowledge the ongoing disparities that exist in our society, and take proactive steps to address them.

What were the barriers you faced as a woman when entering the workforce? Why is it important that more women should take up medicine?

Medicine is a universal practice, and half of the universe is women, therefore we need more female doctors. Easy. But in all seriousness, diversity in healthcare is the key for us to be able to effectively meet the unique personal and cultural needs of our patients. Representation in healthcare important for the culture of the profession, but it also means delivery of higher-quality care and therefore better global health outcomes.


Primary School Teacher

What inspired you to take on your current occupation?

I love being a teacher because I get the opportunity to love and nurture students academic, social and emotional development. It allows me to interact with students and positively impact their time at school. My favourite thing about teaching is the love I feel from my students and seeing them achieve their goals throughout the year.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

As a teacher, I am lucky enough embrace equity through everything I do. I believe in providing all students with equal opportunity regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. Each day I aim to empower my students to believe in themselves and understand that nothing is out of reach. I believe that it is so important to instil the ability to embrace equity from a young age so that it becomes a natural response in their day to day life

What is something you do to get a confidence boost?

 I opt for something comfortable and every other day I aim for practicality, durability and style! I love a comfortable dress that allows me to move around with ease, however a statement blazer with a fitted pant is a staple! One of my favourite things is when a student compliments my outfit and says “I love your style” or “You look pretty in that outfit”.

Ainsley wears the Anali Belted Shirt Dress.


Head Receptionist at Medical Practice

What inspired you to take on your current occupation?

As a head receptionist at a diagnostic imaging practice, being able to help patients with their problems is why I love my job and proud to call it my day-to-day. As a natural people-person, I love interacting with patients and dealing with their enquiries

What were the barriers you faced as a woman when entering the workforce?

The healthcare industry can be quite male-dominated. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you want to voice an idea or opinion as a woman, no matter your level of seniority.

What does your typical work outfit look like in your profession?

Every day to work, I wear my uniform proudly – neat and tidy and displaying my company’s logo. I also can’t go without a bold lipstick to add a personal touch of confidence to my uniform.


Content Producer

What inspired you to take on your current occupation?

I think it is important for all individuals to have a basic understanding of investing. I really enjoy writing financial content, and translating what is happening in financial markets into a readable and digestible format for a range of individuals, from those who are new to investing to more sophisticated audiences.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

When I think about International Women’s Day, I belive it's about embracing equity - valuing people and valuing diverse opinions and ideas. We can all learn from individuals with different backgrounds and skill sets.

What is something you do to get a confidence boost?

Regular exercise definitely helps to boost my self esteem and overall confidence. I feel a strong sense of accomplishment when I achieve my exercise goals.



What is the favourite part of your job?

I work in the medical imaging field for a local hospital. It is satisfying being part of a team in helping people. My job is detail orientated and it allows me to work autonomously. The images that I take helps aid the diagnosis and treatment plans for the people who I see. My favourite part is that it can be very challenging and that there’s an endless number of new things that we learn all the time.

What are some advice or tips to give to someone interested in taking up your profession?

Some advice to individuals and women in particular looking to take up this profession would be, remember to stay resilient. Whether it be having prejudiced experiences with a patient, or a senior or technical issues, being resilient in the medical industry can be empower others to do the same, and create change.

What does your typical work outfit look like?

Luckily for me, my work outfit is a thoughtless process; we wear a uniform which is a teal scrub top/polo/shirt and navy shorts/pants. It is great because it’s one less decision in my day. This standard uniform also shows that in my industry - women and men both share the same important roles and responsibilities.



What are some of your career milestones/highlights that you are most proud of?

I’m most proud of the moment I landed my first fund administration job without help from anyone I know. This then led to an opportunity I worked exceedingly hard for to receive a senior title. I would also say that I’m proud I work now in a government agency when I thought it wasn’t possible.

What were the barriers you faced as a woman when entering the workforce?

A barrier I always faced was when higher tier leaders that were men did not take me seriously, as with my other male colleagues. However, I have proved them wrong by my extensive work ethic.

Can you describe your favourite outfit to wear?

My favourite outfit would be the classic black pants and tight black corporate shirt with a coloured blazer. This brings out my confidence as I see black a colour of power especially in the profession as a woman.



What is the favourite part of your job?

Prior to working in consulting, I had always heard of people working within the field and was interested in learning more. I was intrigued by the creative interview questions, and challenging case studies. I also thought it was a great occupation as it provides you with the opportunity to work on a range of different business problems, and exposes you to a variety of different clients.  

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

International Women's Day is about recognising each individuals different circumstances and providing opportunities and resources, to help achieve an equal outcome for everyone. I believe it’s important to recognise everyones unique backgrounds, ideas and abilities to ensure that we are fairly and justly treated.

What is something you do which gives you a confidence boost?

I believe a huge way to build your confidence is to celebrate and reflect on your wins (big or small)! By patting yourself on the back for something you’ve accomplished or sharing your wins with your friends and family, you’re triggering positive emotions and encouraging yourself to continue to work towards your goals.


Toxicology (Drug & Alcohol Testing) Collector

What is the most challenging/rewarding aspect of your job?

The most rewarding aspect of our job is keeping the construction industry safe from fatalities and injuries on the job sites due to drug and alcohol abuse. My job is to test for drugs and alcohol of workers working in the construction industry. We help people with drug and alcohol abuse by putting them on a program so they can safely work under a hazardous environment.

Why is it important that more women should take up your profession?

Women are more understanding and caring when it comes to dealing with sensitive issues with drugs and alcohol. In my experience, the guys, when tested, don't feel threatened or targeted for the wrong reasons. Also, this job only requires us to work a few hours every morning and often finishes by 8am. As a mother myself, it is perfect for those who still want to be balance being at home with school/house duties.

What is your go to piece that you can never leave the home without?

My bottle of water! It's either green tea or any kind of dates tea. Have to stay hydrated on the road because our job requires a lot of driving from site to site each morning.


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