Meet Julie, FORCAST's Finance Manager, her 18 month old baby, Charlotte and their poodle, Cyrus. Julie shares with us her first moments entering motherhood and the joys of learning to be a mother.


"Motherhood to me, means to protect and nurture these delightful little humans at all cost."
"Caring for a toddler has taught me that life is a gift and we should make the most of it." 

Julie wears the Charlene Tweed Blazer (Coming Soon), Tania Crew Neck Knit, Safira High Waist Trousers



Meet Inayah, a FORCAST Store Manager and beautiful mother to her adorable 3 year old daughter Malikah. Inayah shares what motherhood has meant for her.


"There are many things in my life I have taken for granted but the opportunity and ability to be a mother will never be one of them. The most exciting part about being a mother is unconditionally love and watch your child grow up."

Inayah wears the Bianka Chunky Marina Knit (Coming Soon) and the Emmalee Flared Skirt (Coming Soon) 



Johanna, a FORCAST Cluster Manager and a very soon-to-be mother of a baby boy. Johanna sits with us to share what excites her most about becoming a new mother.


"I believe that motherhood is the most precious chance to feel and discover love in the purest way - that's why I am so excited to see him grow, and feel a unique connection with him."

Johanna wears the Diana Long Sleeve Knit Dress (Coming Soon)



Rehana is a FORCAST Retail Assitant and the most loving mother to her gorgeous 4 year old daughter Azrah. Here, Rehana speaks about the beauty of motherhood and how special 'Mum' moments can be.


"Motherhood is challenging however most rewarding at the same time. It means to show love unconditionally and selflessly and to form an unbreakable bond with your child. "
"Enjoying my child’s successes by setting small goals for them to achieve. When my child finally grasps a personal goal it’s a small win for me but a huge achievement for them which in turn makes me so proud to be their mum and watching them grow and mature."

Rehana wears the Marcella Polka Dot Pleated Dress and Azrah wears the Scrunchie Set


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