Women's Work Jackets

Every woman loves a two-piece suit, and women's suit jackets are a must-have in any weekly 9-5 lineup.

If your goal is to look effortlessly put-together and professional, Forcast's iconic collection of women's suit jackets is the first step to do so. Our collection features a range of timeless styles, including double-breasted blazers, two-piece suit jackets and collarless blazers for women.

When it comes to professional attire, the right work jacket can transform an everyday outfit into a statement of confidence and style. Forcast's selection caters to the modern woman who values both form and function in her wardrobe. From the boardroom to after-work engagements, our corporate jackets offer versatility without compromising on sophistication. 

Whether you're seeking a classic corporate jacket to complete your ensemble or a versatile piece that transitions seamlessly from day to night, Forcast ensures you're prepared for any professional setting with elegance and poise.

Styling women’s work blazers for you

If you're letting flashbacks of those shapeless-looking monstrosities you wore at school stop you from embracing the work blazer, it's time for a much-needed intervention.

If well-made, women's blazers are transformative pieces. They can make any denim ensemble 'dressy', a simple top and mini skirt perfectly polished. When fitted correctly, lengthen your torso, give your shoulders some structure, and narrow the waist in seconds. In our experience, no women's blazers are more flattering and versatile than our collection- and we have plenty of styles to work into your wardrobe.

Add structure into your life with our classic tailored jackets for women, or elevate your everyday business casual look with our stunning cropped blazers with a relaxed fit. Meanwhile, our collarless blazers are tailored with the woman's silhouette in mind, flattering the figure while simultaneously looking chic and professional. Whatever the occasion, our women's workwear jackets and suit sets are a stylish wardrobe essential suitable for work and play.

As crucial as choosing a women's work blazer you want is having it tailored. Here's our cheat sheet to make yours feel like a second skin.

- It should be fitted across the shoulders but not stretched to the point of taut.

- For classically tailored blazers, hems should skim the hipbone.

- Sleeves should ideally hit mid-thumb when you raise your arms straight in front of you.

- Ideally, you should be able to button your jacket without pulling and retail its silhouette when worn open. (For both single-breasted and double-breasted styles).

- Between sizes? Always size up when purchasing a women's blazer.

When we're talking about women's suit jackets, the blazer is the frame, and you are the main attraction. As a result, it should do everything in its power to have you looking as sophisticated and feminine as possible while allowing you to style it to your heart's content.

At Forcast, we like to pride ourselves on providing its loyal customers with variety. Opt for lighter fabrics, looser silhouettes and softer colours when the weather warms, or embrace your ultimate boss babe by teaming a dark-coloured women's suit jacket with matching slimline trousers and classic heels. Be brave and play with silhouettes for your desk to dinner dates, or keep things classy by opting for neutral tones and classic steel greys during your next meeting.

Explore our top women's work jackets below:

Fitted Blazer: Flattering on any figure, the classic fitted blazer is defined by its tailored silhouette and structured shoulders. They can be either double or single-breasted depending on your preference. As they’re designed to elevate your ensemble, fitted blazers are the most formal of women’s work blazers.

Oversized Blazer: Designed according to comfort but still sophisticated enough to layer over a basic camisole and denim combo. Oversized jackets are a perfect option to layer over summer attire if you want to throw in an element of chicness to your look.

Cropped Blazer: As its name suggests, the cropped blazer features a hem that usually sits at the natural waistline and, in some cases, is shorter. These classy women’s jackets amp up evening appeal by doing the layering right.

Cape Blazer: If you’re one for making a statement, the cape blazer is definitely a statement stunner. This style boasts cut sleeves that show off the arms and flow loosely, giving the appearance of a cape.

Refresh your professional ensemble with Forcast

Enhance your office attire with Forcast's sophisticated selection of women's work blazers and jackets. Our collection is crafted for the contemporary professional woman and embodies elegance and practicality.

Beyond work jackets, we offer an extensive range of coats, vests and essential garments and accessories to complete your refined look. Each item is designed with precision, ensuring you look polished in any professional setting, from formal meetings to casual business engagements.

Forcast is the ideal place to find the perfect work blazer that reflects your personal style while meeting your professional needs. Our diverse collection is made to suit various preferences and body shapes, ensuring there's something for every woman.

Transform your work wardrobe with Forcast's stylish, quality work jackets for women. Browse our collection today and discover your next favourite piece that effortlessly transitions from day to night, adding a touch of class to your every move.


What work blazers are in style?

The current favourites in work blazers for women include sleek, tailored designs that offer a polished look and are versatile enough for both in-office and virtual meetings. Look for blazers with clean lines, subtle patterns and the ability to easily transition from day to night for maximum style and utility.

Do blazers and jackets need to be tailored?

While not necessary, tailoring women’s blazers and jackets can significantly enhance their fit and comfort, providing a more personalised look. A well-fitted blazer can elevate your entire outfit, making it a worthwhile consideration.

How to wear and style a work jacket?

Women's work jackets can be styled in numerous ways to suit different occasions. Pair with tailored trousers or a pencil skirt for a classic office look, or dress down with jeans for a smart-casual vibe. Experiment with layering and accessories to find your unique style.

What features should I look for when choosing a work jacket or blazer?

Key features to consider are fabric quality, fit, versatility and practicality. Opt for materials that offer both comfort and durability and choose styles that flatter your body shape while complementing your existing wardrobe.

Are there different styles of work jackets and blazers available for various professions?

Absolutely. Our range of work jackets and blazers caters to a wide array of professional settings. From the creative to the corporate world, there are styles to suit every environment, ensuring you maintain a professional appearance no matter your field.

How do you care for a work jacket or blazer?

Proper care will extend the lifespan of your work blazers and jackets. Always follow the care label instructions, typically favouring dry cleaning for most blazers to preserve their shape and fabric integrity. Regular maintenance, such as steaming and proper storage, will keep them looking their best.

Can I return or exchange the work jacket or blazer if they don't fit?

Yes, if your new work jacket or blazer doesn't fit as expected, you can return or exchange it in accordance with our return policy. Please check our website for detailed information on the process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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